Fire Your Imagination

A free journal for writers to create an inspirational workspace and timeline.
Inspiration Journal

What Will You Get From This Journal?

Finding inspiration and making it last helps you to unleash your creativity and reach your goals. Fortunately, those sparks are all around you when you’re open to seeing them.
Get those creative juices flowing

Get those creative juices flowing

Inspiration takes hold when you’re passionate about achieving something and confident that you can do it. These simple daily exercises will help you to feel more motivated and take action.
Daily Exercises to keep you motivated

Daily Exercises to keep you motivated

Spending just a few minutes a day going through the prompts in this journal can make a big difference. You’ll figure out what’s holding you back and open up new possibilities.
Discover creativity through collaboration

Discover creativity through collaboration

Prompts in the journal will require you to interact with your community, helping you foster diversity in your thoughts and innovation in your writing..
Draw new ideas from your records

Draw new ideas from your records

Every time you create a keepsake idea, you also create an opportunity to revisit this and explore what you left behind when you recorded it first.

What's Included?

Inspiration Journal
  • Fillable Forms
  • Quotes that inspire you
  • Calls to action
  • Space to create affirmations
  • Prods to create connections
  • Nudges to implore thoughts
  • Much more...

Who This Journal Is For?


Get disciplined writing practice. Conquer the unknowns by penning your thoughts on the paper.


Break writer’s block by drawing inspiration from prompts posted on the journal.


Explore new ideas, draw new interests, breaking the molds that contain your imagination.

Pretty much everyone looking for stream of consciousness writing

Use your inner monologues, penned in this journal as a structure for writing unique stories highlighting intricate thoughts of their characters.


About The Author

Born and raised in Mississippi, I began writing full time in 2010. In 2015, I moved to Atlanta and launched my own production company, SAB Entertainment. Through this channel, I write and produce short films. I am always writing, and just completed the screenplay adaptation of Still Not Satisfied. With hopes of educating while entertaining, my biggest desire is that everyone leaves with a life lesson, every time they walk away from any of my stories.